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    Home...where memories are made

Lacrosse Homes' Floorplans

Every family is different and has different needs for their home to ensure that they can truly thrive. Your family is no different and you should not have to adjust your life to a cookie cutter home. The first step Lacrosse Homes takes to ensuring that all our homeowners can live the best possible lives in their new construction home is offering a wide selection of semi-customizable floorplans that serve as the foundation for your new home and new life. 

Lacrosse Homes offers numerous types of new homes floor plans to families because we want to provide you with a home that is best suited to the unique needs of your family. We offer single family and townhome floorplans, and we strive to allow families of all types the ability to enjoy a safe and serene home. By offering a number of different base models floor plans to choose from, we will minimize the cost of upgrading features to ensure that you get the home you desire. 

As a builder that is passionate about providing families with new construction homes that allow them to thrive, Lacrosse Homes is proud of every new home we build. Our skilled team of craftsmen works hard on each and every one of our homes to ensure that they are beautiful to look at, and a joy to live in. We focus on building quality new construction homes because we understand that home is more than a house, it is where your family will make life long memories.


Single-Family Floorplans     &     Multi-Family Floorplans