A Move-In Ready Home Moves Many Buyers – Here’s Why

According to Zillow’s 2024 Housing report, a move-in ready home – needing no repairs or updates – was selected by 43% of respondents as the deciding factor in their purchase decision. 

“A significant share of new construction buyers want a home they can move into immediately.  About two in five (43%) say the prospect of a turn-key home that didn’t need repairs or updates was their number one reason for buying a newly built home.  Three in four (74%) cited it among their top three reasons.  Customization ran a distant second, with roughly one in five new construction buyers citing it as the main reason for their purchase, and 57% citing it as one of their top three reasons.” (source Zillow)

Lacrosse Homes understands this desire and has a variety of home designs and various stages of construction so that we can accommodate those homebuyers looking for the turn-key move-in ready home in addition to those who prefer a new home that is at a stage where it can still be customized, allowing you to add your own distinct style.

Our move-in ready homes are designed to cater to a variety of needs and lifestyles.  From coastal homes to multi-generational designs, ranch homes and more, we know we can reduce the stress and the waiting time to get your dream home.   Here are some of the benefits to choose a Move-In Ready home:

Immediate Occupancy

One of the things that makes move-in ready homes so desirable is that they are ready for quick delivery.  From contract to settlement, our typical turnaround is 45 days!

No Questions on Cost

Move-in ready homes are typically completely specified in terms of features, options and finishes.  You can enjoy no compromises and get your dream home design at a firm price you’re comfortable with.  We also invite our homeowners to work with our preferred mortgage lenders and can share current financing promotions that are customized to your needs in order to provide you with the most favorable mortgage terms available.

Reduced Stress

Buying a move-in ready home means that a lot of the decision-making stress is removed from the equation.  If you’ve toured the home and like what you see you can take the next hassle-free step toward purchasing.   

Security and Long-Term Value

Move-in ready homes are inspected at various stages of their construction and all Lacrosse Homes come with a leading industry warranty.  The 2-10 Builders Warranty is an impressive structural warranty that takes effect from day one of your ownership.  This gives our homebuyers confidence and peace of mind knowing their investment is a secure one.   Additionally, manufacturer warranties on appliances and systems provide an extra layer of assurance for homeowners.

If a move-in ready home is for you, please contact us today to explore our offerings throughout Maryland’s Eastern Shore