Location, Location, Location. Why It Matters.

Your Starting Point for Building Your New Home.

Last month we talked about getting started with building an “On Your Lot”, or BOYL, home. There are numerous benefits to considering this home purchase process. First and foremost, your new home will suit both your lifestyle and unique set of needs/priorities.

The adage “Location, Location, Location” really is the most important factor in your real estate decision-making process. With BOYL, you choose your new home’s location first. Afterall, it’s easier to modify a home’s design or alter specific design attributes but you can’t change the neighborhood or area conveniences built into your new home’s physical location.

Once you’ve found your dream homesite/lot, Lacrosse Homes will move forward with the permitting process. During this time, our team will work to obtain a building permit to start construction on your home. In today’s time, the permit process takes, on average, 8-10 weeks. Once the permit is approved construction will begin. While you might consider this to be “down time”, there’s quite a bit happening behind the scenes to prepare for your home construction process to commence in a timely fashion. 

Watch Bruce Orr, VP of Sales explain permitting in this short video:

Next up, construction commences, you participate in your Pre-Drywall Walkthrough and then Settlement!