What Happens Next? Construction & Your New Home.

You’re well on your way to living in that beautiful, personalized dream home. Once construction starts, the Lacrosse Homes team is hard at work managing the various trades who will be a part of your build process.  At various points in the construction process of Building On Your Lot, Lacrosse Homes will invite you to walk through your new home.

First your home will be framed and insulated, then dry wall is applied. This is the stage where you will see your new home come to life and you will have a walk-thru with a Lacrosse Homes team member. This walk-thru is the first of three appointments you will have. This is what you’ll be seeing during the Pre-Drywall Walk Thru:

Your second walk-thru will be a week before construction completion during which time you will make sure everything is to your standards. The third and last walk-thru will be on the exciting day you  settle on your new home. This is the last stage toward homeownership and all your questions will be answered. Leading up to you living in your new home for one year, a “Warranty Walk-Thru” will be scheduled to make sure all home components are working as intended and that you’re satisfied.  Your new home purchase is backed by an industry warranty company covering future structural, systems and appliance issues.

With Build on Your Lot, you can build your dream home in the perfect location. To learn more about the benefits of BOYL, contact Lacrosse Homes. Start building your future today.