How to Increase Your New Home’s Value

Likely one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, building a new home is a smart investment. As you consider the elements to include in your new construction home, there are some ways you can increase the value of that home while successfully managing your budget. At Lacrosse Homes, we’ve been building homes for over a quarter of a century and our team knows how to help you maximize the value of your investment – for today and in the years ahead. Consider these items when trying to increase the long-term value of your new home:

1. Location

When it comes to adding value, location is everything. You could build a beautiful home with amazing details and features, but if it’s on a subpar lot or in a bad location, you could be in real trouble. In general, it’s worth spending the extra money for a prime location, and it makes your long-term investment much more sound. The experts at Lacrosse Homes can help you through every step of lot selection process to ensure you find a location that’s ideal for you and your home design. Read more about location selection in this previous blog post.

2. Kitchen

You’re never going to hear complaints about a kitchen having too much counter space or too many cabinets! In fact, the kitchen can be a deciding factor for most people when it comes time to sell a home – and many spend the money to renovate an outdated kitchen prior to sale, typically paying dividends. According to Better Homes and Gardens, “homeowners can expect a return of about 52% on their investment in a new kitchen if they sell their home.” When you build a new home, you have a host of choices to create that on-trend kitchen with proper workflow, updated appliances, and finishes. It’s an area of your home where you’re going to be spending a lot of time, and you want the design and space to be perfect for your lifestyle.

3. Family Room

Whenever possible, add more space to your family room—never less! It’s a place for your family and friends to congregate and spend time together, and you’re probably going to spend many hours watching movies, playing board games, or chatting over cups of coffee. It’s always best to make the family room a little bigger than you think you’ll need. Lacrosse Homes floorplans feature two to four-foot extensions to the family room area; and if you’re building a custom home design with us, we can extend that space further pending your lot requirements. Maximize your family’s living space – you won’t be sorry!  Schedule an Appointment Today to Build Your New Home. 

If you want to build a quality home on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Kent Island, Stevensville, or Historic Easton areas, start by calling Lacrosse Homes. Our floorplans have been value-engineered over years of building experience to include exceptional features that add lifestyle and investment benefit for years to come. Call today to schedule your appointment to get started building your dream home. We look forward to meeting you!