Location, Location, Location

Is it really that important when choosing your next home?

You’ve undoubtedly heard the mantra “location, location, location” when discussing real estate. A desirable location can provide an advantage, or added appeal, which can equate to demand and therefore higher real estate prices. Certainly, a desirable location is subjective – what you might find good, someone else might deem less spectacular. That said, in all our years of building homes and developing communities, there are some locational factors that tend to be considered desirable to the vast majority of homebuyers in a market such as ours:

Access to everyday necessities –

Consider how close your new home is to everyday essentials like grocery shopping, restaurants, entertainment and those places you’ll visit on a frequent basis. Choosing a location that gives you quick proximity to day-to-day living conveniences never goes out of style!
Proximity to work, amenities, family/friends –
Whether you need to commute to work or not, a location that provides easy access to roadways and highways means you will spend less time on the road and more time at home. Plus, this access to major commuting routes makes it easier for you to venture out, meet friends and family members, explore neighboring towns and vicinities, frequent big box shopping centers, health care/medical facilities and more. When you’re close to your favorite restaurants, theaters, gym, and coffee shop you’ll feel a closer connection to your community and live a balanced life.

Access to schools –

Certainly, schools are a major factor especially for our homebuyers with families. Homes that are located near top-quality school districts typically equate to higher property values and generally have a greater resale potential.

When you review all of this, and any other individual factors that are important to you in choosing your new home’s location, we believe that it’s the convenience in a location that can make all the difference. Lacrosse Homes communities are ideally located to provide you the convenience you desire in a location you’ll love calling home for years to come!