The Value of a Professional Builder

A professional builder’s job is a complex one. Like a conductor in an orchestra, a homebuilder is tasked with orchestrating numerous vendors involved in the construction of a home and must coordinate the installation of numerous products to complete your new home. Following complex architectural plans, the builder makes sure that everything happens as its supposed to, with the result being the delivery of a home to their client’s specifications and expectations.

When you choose a professional builder like Lacrosse Homes, they manage the development process starting with receiving the permits required to build on the homesite selected. Builders understand the building codes for the area in which the home is being built and have the close relationships with qualified subcontractors to provide the building services, often at lower costs than quoted to an individual buyer.

Other valuable skills a builder will bring to the table include:

–         Keeping your build on schedule by ensuring that all workers and materials arrive at the right time which has proven to be extremely difficult over the last few years. The organization required for the builder to adjust a variety of tradespeople schedules is something homeowners seldom think about.

–         Overseeing your job to guarantee quality work. For example, if it’s too cold to pour a concrete slab, your builder will know to put it on hold even if the concrete contractor is tempted to move ahead.

–         Solving and preventing problems. Having a professional builder in charge of solving problems takes a lot of stress off the homeowners.

–         Completing the punch list at the end of the project.

–         Protection. The builder protects the homeowner by carrying the needed licenses and insurance policies and confirming that everyone else on the job is similarly covered.

Reputable homebuilders have finely-honed management systems for making it all happen. These systems are an important part of your professional builder’s value.  Connect with a Lacrosse Homes representative to find out more about our 25+ years of experience as a professional homebuilder.