What to Expect When Closing

It’s closing day!

This is a very exciting time you’re about to get the keys to your new home. Throughout the buying process you’ve been provided with lots of paperwork good faith estimate, contract, proof of insurance, home appraisal etc. Make sure you have all your paperwork with you at your closing. A few days prior to your closing your builder will invite you for a walk thru of your home. This is your pre-settlement inspection to make sure the home is in the condition and including the features/finishes your contract spells out. If there are any issues, the builder will work with you to complete the home in time for your settlement to occur. At closing you will sign lots of documents. And we mean LOTS!

You will see paperwork from your lender regarding the terms and conditions of your mortgage. Your hand might be a bit tired from signing all the legal documents but it will be so worth it!! Our mortgage partner, Redwood Mortgage, will have explained everything to you in advance so there shouldn’t be any surprises. Plus, you’ll be with people that can advise you through the entire process from closing agent, real estate agent (if you have one) and possibly even the lender. The closing agent will conduct the settlement and makes sure that all documents are signed and recorded and that all necessary fees and payments are paid and properly distributed. You will receive a HUD-1 settlement statement, a deed of trust, certificate of occupancy, and your house keys.

Now, get moving!!