New vs Used

New vs Used
There’s nothing like a new home!
We admit it, we’re a bit biased, since we’re new home builders, but there really are a host of reasons why buying a new home offers several benefits. First, and maybe most important, the home is new and will perform better. By performance, we’re referring to these components that are used to build, construct and finish your new home:
• Building materials and practices
• Energy-star rated appliances
• Energy efficient windows
• Hi-tech wiring
• Safety features
• Advanced heating/cooling systems, etc.
What’s not to like?? There’s no need to “settle” for a home that doesn’t quite meet your needs/desires. Builders offer numerous plans with various design elements and customization options to enable you to find the “dream” home. And once you settle on a plan design, your new home will have all your “must haves” and you’ve got a warranty that supports your purchase.