Six Steps to Selling Your Current Home.


Six Steps to Selling Your Current Home.

Its spring and that means an active home sales market.  With interest rates dipping, there’s even more activity, so now’s a great time to think about making that move to a new home.  If you need to sell your current home, make sure you’ve set yourself up for success by following these six easy steps to Sold!!


Get Representation.
You can certainly sell your home on your own, but using the services of a skilled listing agent will enable you to act with confidence when it comes to determining a list price and following through on all the legal aspects of home sales.
An agent will compare your home based on “comps” – square footage, features and location – to help you make as much on the sale as you can.  Follow the plan the Realtor provides to move you through the process.

Clean and brighten things up.
You know what they say about first impressions…they really do matter.  Make sure yours, from the exterior “curb appeal” to the entire inside of your home says “buy me!”
Pay attention to how the house smells and looks.  Deep clean everything – toilets, sinks, the garage, mop floors, clean rugs, get rid of pet and other smells/odors.  Make sure all light fixtures work and have an operable light bulb in them. If you need help, call in the professionals to help bring the shine back to your residence.

Hire a Handyman.
Speaking of hiring professionals, you should have someone on hand that can fix all the small things you’ll find that need fixing -- locks, hardware, leaky faucets, running toilets, cracks in the walls, broken appliances, squeaky doors, etc.

It’s time to pack away all the knick knacks, family photos, cherished collectibles you inherited from your Grandma, religious ornamentation and essentially anything that visually closes in the space.  You may need to rent a storage locker to temporarily store your excess stuff.  Do it – its money well spent!  You want your rooms to shine, not your furniture and “stuff.”  Organizing your space and cleaning out closets, attic storage, garage areas will help the new owners visualize their own things in your home. 

Make it “neutral.”
That means getting rid of the apple green kitchen walls and the mellow-yellow rec room…paint over all those bright walls by sticking to neutral colors like light grays, beiges and white.  Aside from making your rooms look bigger and brighter, fresh paint will cover some wall imperfections.

Stage your home.
Our last step is so important.  Staging your home will help it sell faster and for more money. Why do you think builders decorate model homes?  People need some help visualizing a space and when it’s properly done, with furniture that fits the scale of the space, it gets sold, often faster than an un-staged property.  Zillow offers some great ideas below:
Set the table: It’s a nice finishing touch that, again, can help the buyer visualize living there. Holiday dinner party, anyone?
Only style with polished accents: For example, only stage your master bath with new bath towels, or none at all. Just say no to your still-drying bath towels from this morning’s shower.
Make the space appear larger: Add mirrors to reflect light, swap a heavy powder room cabinet for a pedestal sink, or remove a leaf from your huge dining room table.
Show value in unusual floor plans: Highlight what makes your home unique and special. Add a reading nook, show the benefit of an extra storage area, or tuck a desk in an unused corner.
Use extra rooms deliberately: Never leave a room empty. Instead, make that unused guest room feel usable, staging it as an office, craft room, or guest bedroom — but never all of those things at once!